Stop Procrastinating – The Secret to Getting Started!

Do you feel paralysed, prevented from starting or maybe from finishing tasks that you want or know you need to complete?

Do you leave things to the last minute and then burn the midnight oil to get them done just in time?

More people than ever are experiencing the stress and frustration that arise from this insidious condition.

Dealing with procrastination, the habit of putting things off, requires more than good time management. At some level it may need us to understand and to confront some fundamental questions about our motivation and our ability to succeed in a competitive environment – where maybe the toughest competitor to face is ourselves.

Procrastination often seems to defy logic and to fly in the face of what we know we need and often deeply want to do – to start and then to complete – tasks that we know are needed for our professional career development. This frustrating habit can seem so counter-productive as it makes even seemingly simple tasks all the more unpleasant as we struggle to understand our own resistance in the face of an overwhelming need to get stuff done.

This workshop will allow participants the space to examine and to question their procrastination, to understand why we do it and most importantly to explore ways to stop putting things off and start getting things done.

During this workshop we will explore:

  • What procrastination is – or is not
  • The consequences of procrastination for ourselves, our friends/colleagues, careers
  • Reasons why we procrastinate
  • Strategies to fight back – and win!

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