Academic Career Coaching

Getting established and staying ahead in any career requires many different skills.

For Researchers, Academics and Professional Services staff, working hard probably isn’t enough, good results aren’t enough. Getting published, while essential for many, on it’s own it probably isn’t enough.

You need to communicate well, plan, influence, demonstrate vision.

Sometimes you know you need to grow into a new role, a new project or maybe even a different job. How do you get a permanent lectureship or even promoted beyond that? And if you’re not on the tenure track, what other careers might suit you?

Coaching can help you to develop new skills and see better options for progress inside or outside Academia.

When you’re ready to change, coaching works.

I offer a choice of 12-session programmes: “Developing the Confident Leader” or “From Imposter to Empowered“. Alternatively we can create a custom programme just for you. Together we clarify your goals, focus on solutions, decide to take action that integrates your career aspirations with the life and lifestyle you want to create. The blend is unique to you.

What do you want to achieve? Greater impact? Promotion? Some sort of work-life integration?

Working with a Coach you get more done. You hold yourself accountable for making decisions and taking actions. You make sure each day takes you closer to your goal at the same time as enjoying more of what you do, in and out of work.

We can arrange for personal coaching if your employer doesn’t provide coaching support.

Location doesn’t matter. We may meet in person but telephone coaching and technologies, such as Zoom, make video coaching simple and highly effective. If you’d like to discuss some options, call me on +44 7720 844760 or email using this link.

You can read more about your personal coaching options on my partner website:

Thanks – I really enjoyed the session last week. Indeed, I have been recommending you to my colleagues non-stop, describing you (if you don’t mind) as exactly “the small gin and tonic” I needed! I think you get what I mean – I really did get a lot out of the session!

I am working hard on my grand plan, trying to stick to the key deliverables, regardless of whatever spanners have been thrown into the mix, and there have been a few over this past day or two for sure. I have ‘stood up for myself’ twice today – and have lived to tell the tale (but probably off a few Christmas card lists), so I am learning.

Every day I have ensured that I take time to think of the 3 good things from the day. Actually, I have had difficulty restricting it to just 3, so that’s a good thing, I think.

Thank you again for your help (my family are very grateful too!).

Prof C H

Where would you like to start?

We will work on your agenda. You might know exactly where you want to focus or you may want to try a few assessments to identify priority areas for our work together. I can suggest the best tools or resources for you.

We can work our way through a more structured programme where you will really clarify your personal values and motivators. These are the things that are most important to you – they guide your decisions and shape your path through life. Would you like to begin?

I offer two, 12-session programmes:

Developing the Confident Leader

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This programme addresses the skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to develop your leadership style and blends personal with leadership development. Modules include:

  • Leading is not just for Managers
  • Managing time, energy and priorities
  • Owning your place at the table – How Imposter Syndrome and Unconscious bias can hold you back
  • Developing your professional identity
  • Communication and influencing skills

From Imposter to Empowered

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You may be in a position where leadership – or the opportunity to lead – is before you and you wonder “Am I up to this?”.

You doubt whether you’ve really got what it takes – though your line manager probably believes in you and your potential. You look up that career ladder and wonder…

Do I want that role? Have I got what it takes? Can I learn the skills to do it well?

If you could turn down the voice of your Inner Critic, manage your Perfectionist, find courage and confidence to step forward…

When you complete this programme, you’ll hardly believe the changes, made with ease, while enjoying the journey.

You’ll see yourself, whole. Stepping forward into the opportunity. Owning, with a humble pride, the difference you make.

Important components of any coaching programme can include:

  • Identifying personal/professional priorities
  • Clarify your personal and professional goals or intentions
  • Set fair and firm boundaries
  • Prioritising time/life management
  • Taming the Inner Critic
  • Developing key communication skills
  • Dealing with stress

This focus on personal growth and balance will produce measurable changes in your quality of life, professional performance and personal satisfaction.

My professional training as a Coach combined with many years personal experience within University and Research Institute environments as an active Researcher and Senior Academic gives me real insight into your complex needs.

But don’t just take my word for it, previous clients have said:

I am getting work things done faster with greater motivation and “lightness” – get it done and move on. It’s an attitude and skill I have admired in others for a very long time but always felt at a loss as how to emulate/embody it.

Dr Ruth Kitchen

I have to tell you that I don’t sleep well the night of the call!

I thought that tea, coffee and chocolate were to blame but it’s simply that my head is buzzing.

Last night I just had to get out of bed and make a to-do-list, just of the things we had discussed.

Pat Williams