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Key Skills Training for University Staff

At Training For Universities we are committed to deliver excellent training, specifically targeted for a university environment.

Personal experience within Academia and Research Institute environments, working as researchers and Senior Academics gives us real insight into your needs and how to align our work with the goals of the Researcher Development Framework.

We deliver high quality training at all levels within the University environment. New staff or students benefit from “An Introduction to…” while experienced Academics exchange best practice & share experience in Masterclass sessions.

From Time & Energy Management or Managing Pressure Positively through Presenting Your Research At Conference or Supervising Research Students, these workshops support your staff to give of their best.

We deliver a range of generic and specialist skills training specifically for University staff and students and all our Trainers have experience relevant to the academic environment.

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But don’t just take my word for this… workshop participants have said:

Dear Margaret,
The first thing I want to say is that this was one of the best time management workshops I’ve attended.¬†It was engaging, the tips and hints on how to implement processes were great.

It has given me a pep to implement your suggestions with time blocking and I really liked the matter’s arising part. That is really useful.

I have been attempting to implement some of this stuff already, particularly the time blocks but then always got distracted by email. I love your comment/question about email being an important job kpi… it’s not!

John Connolly, PhD

Margaret nudges people towards realising their own potential instead of shushing people and indicating that she knows better (she does know better, she is brilliant!) Made me feel in control of my own actions and behaviour, really appreciate her role in bringing me to this.

Anonymous feedback

Just few lines to let you know that the Assertiveness Workshop was fantastic for me. The quality of information you delivered helped me a lot in several areas and I am just looking forward to complete the circle. Although this is a hint of the whole, I know there is a window for me to go through to get more. Congratulations for being a wonderful coach.

Carmen E. Griffiths

The supervision workshop was really useful, enabling me to formalize the structures of supervision and gain from the experience of Dr Collins. Learning techniques that have a proven record will not only benefit me by building my confidence but will further enhance the experience of the students I supervise.

The interactive nature of the workshop allowed all participants to discuss existing supervision structures to evaluate and modify these rather than simply starting anew which I feel is important for allowing individual styles of supervision to develop.

A highly recommended workshop, even for those with substantial supervisory experience.

Dr Paul Nash