NLP for Educators

Neurolinguistic programming is a much talked about discipline.

In simple terms it is a system for modelling human behaviour and has studied the language, behaviour and performance of acknowledged experts in many different fields.
Distilling this analysis provides a tool kit for modifying our thoughts and behaviours to achieve greater degrees of excellence.
The beauty of NLP is that you are able to apply new patterns or models to achieve greater success in performance or communication and to see and feel the improvements.
This workshop provides an introduction to some of the key concepts of NLP including the importance of models in learning and performance, achieving rapport, unconscious levels of
influence and the importance of the mind-body link.
At the end of this session participants will have:
· a better understanding of themselves and of others
· verbal and non-verbal skills to build rapport
· tools to communicate and influence others more effectively
· a better understanding of how their own brain works!

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