Saying “No” Positively

Saying “No” sounds so negative, difficult, obstructive, unhelpful…

If these are your first thoughts then there’s a pretty good chance that you are also overwhelmed, overcommitted and stressed as a result of having said “yes” to lightly or too often.

Saying “No” to some things, politely, constructively and tactfully gives you space to say yes to the greater good.

Here are some books you might find helpful as you begin to wonder how this might be possible for you:

Some of the conversational skills needed here are more about negotiating acceptable outcomes or even influencing/persuading people. If you’re looking for inspiration, try these. “How to use Power Phrases” slowly, I wasn’t convinced at first but now I’m so glad I have this resource in my personal library! Robert Cialdini’s “Influence: Science & Practice” is an absolute classic. It is an academic resource but easy to read, very accessible and just full of unbelievable stories to illustrate how the six principles of influence work in practice.

If there’s a resource you have used please do let me know!