Academic Staff

Key Skills for Academic Staff

Your Academic Staff are very busy people.
They value ongoing training but they value effective use of their time even more!

We provide workshops tailored to an Academic environment, mindful of the demands and issues relevant to current academic experience.

Our workshops draw upon real experience of academic life, juggling the demands of conducting research and delivering high quality teaching.

Our trainers have relevant experience to deliver programmes designed specifically for the University environment. This ensures your investment is risk-free and that content and examples used will be directly relevant to the experience of Academic staff.

Courses of interest include :

  • Presenting Your Research at Conference;
  • Supervising Research Students;
  • Research Project Management;
  • Organising Time for Researchers/Time management;
  • Confident Speaking at Meetings;
  • Manage, Influence and Motivate!;
  • Dealing with Change;
  • Managing Pressure Positively;
  • Coaching Skills for Managers;
  • Chairing Successful Meetings.
  • How to Write an Abstract;
  • How to Write a Research Paper;
  • Using Creativity to Make Writing Enjoyable;

Do visit the Workshops page for a full list.

Each of these courses can be tailored for different staff groups, to meet your particular training needs or to complement your existing programmes.

Please do contact me on +44 7720 844760 or by email.

Are you interested in training workshops or one-to-one coaching?
Contact us now by email or on +44 7720 844760.

I completed a feedback form but would just like to reiterate how much I appreciated the day.
Dr Margaret Collins was extremely motivating and ran a very enjoyable and informative session. I can truthfully say that I have never attended a better course, either here or in the many years I have worked in the commercial sector. I hope that she will be able to run many further sessions for us in the future.
J Cockle Hearne

Performance Coaching

Your key staff sometimes need to adapt quickly, to stretch, to master new skills.
Maybe they are new to staff managment, to networking or influencing others.
Perhaps they have a new role that their research career to date hasn’t developed.
Professional Coaching is one process that can give them the edge, to develop new skills, expand their comfort zone.

Through coaching, master communication skills, influencing and motivation.

Use behavioural styles analysis to understand effective team building, deliver feedback and achieve goals.

I work 1 to 1 to bring out the best in your most promising staff.

You can call me or visit my Growth Zone website to find out more about the coaching and psychometric assessments I offer.